Auto Gaging

  • Less programming
  • Simple stacking modification
  • Consistent stacking

Automation Method:
Unloading can be done by coordinate positions. X,Y and angle are typed in. Quantity in X and Y are used to fill the skid. This gives the ability to have complex unload patterns that are stacked, flipped, interlocked, and easily programmed.

Changes can be made on the fly simply by changing a value in the HMI.

Vectors are used to interlock the stack. Once a stack is interlocked, getting the gripper free can be complex. To handle this, release coordinates can be given to move the robot clear of the stack.

This dramatically reduces the size and complexity of the program.


Programming Time
Tool Change Time

Traditional Method:
The operator would be required to program all the points for the unloading manually. For example if you wanted to unload 50 parts on to a skid, and each part required 10 lines of code to place the part, the there would be 500 lines of code just to unload the parts. Then if there was a change to the part, all 500 lines would have to be changed.

Because of the required components of the traditional system there was very little room for loading and unloading.



Traditional Cells

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