Auto Gaging

  • Increases cycle time
  • Easily reposition difficult parts
  • Programmed from robot teach pendant

Automation Method:
To reduce setup time, NC reposition tables can automatically be moved, left and right, by issuing a position command in the robot program. Giving the ability to go from large to small parts without the operator intervention.

This also gives the ability to move the tables close together in the beginning of a program when a part is weak and needs more support. Then move apart later in the program when the part is stiff.

They scissor up to enable gripping the part from the bottom.



Flexibility Increase

Flexibility Increase
Time to Position Tables per Setup
Tool Change Time

Traditional Method:
Parts were dropped on to the alignment jig (purple). Reverse flanges and parts with cut outs were a problem.



Traditional Cells

Click here to view a traditional cell system