Auto Gaging

  • Reduced programming time
  • Several options for different circumstances
  • Easy programming
  • Communicates with brake, not an
     external resolver

Automation Method:
Part following is done by internal subroutines in the robot. The robot knows how far away it is from the press and its gripper orientation, so it can automatically follow the part without programming.

During programming the operator has several options as to how the robot will follow the part. By simply turning options on and off the robot knows how to follow the part. Some of the option are: with or without suction, return to gauging position, and pull or push the part during bending.

Part Following
Programming Time per Bend
Programming Time Time

Traditional Method:
The operator would be required to program all the points manually. Timing and speed would also be the responsibility of the operator.

It is impossible to program a part while the part is being formed by the press brake. So the operator would have to guess where the part would be at different stages during the bend. Keeping in mind that the part is moving in an arc away from the robot.

If the parts were large then a track (yellow)would be required to access the full range of the brake.

Notice how traditional systems required the press to be mounted to a riser (green), making them unusable as a manual system, and hard to load tooling manually.


Traditional Cells

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