Auto Gaging

  • No qualifying stand
  • Less floor space
  • Cycle time reduced
  • No re-stacking from previous operation

Automation Method:

Re-stacking and straightening parts is not required, simply set the skid in the load are and the robot will locate the stack.

A red laser dot appears on the floor when the load door is opened. The operator positions the stack of parts so that the dot is on the stack of parts. The robot will grab the sensing head and find the stack of parts using the red dot as the origin point for its search routine.

Re-stacking Time per Part
Tool Change Time

Traditional Method:
The operator would be required to re-stack all the parts from the skid to the loading table (red). If the parts are heavy the two people would be required.

Then the part would be place into the alignment jig (purple). Using gravity the part would slide into stops.



Traditional Cells

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