Auto Gaging

  • Reduced time for tool changes.
  • Enhanced operator safety.
  • Superior fail-safe—end-effectors
     stays locked even when air pressure
     is accidentally removed.
  • Simplified teaching.

Automation Method:
Automatic Gripper Changing provides added flexibility to robot applications by allowing the robot to change end-effectors automatically, such as clamping, vacuum, and magnetic grippers. Other devices, like measuring tooling can also be attached. Having the ability to change from a custom gripper, to a large vacuum gripper, then to a small clamping gripper, all within seconds is a huge advantage. Increasing productivity and flexibility.

The changers are pneumatically operated devices consisting of a Master Plate and Tool Plate. Electrical, air, and vacuum pass from the robot to the end-effectors. DeviceNetTM, Ethernet, PROFINETTM or PROFIBUSTM bus network signals can also pass-through.

Flexibility Increase

Flexibility Increase
Time to Change Grippers
per Setup

Tool Change Time

Traditional Method:
Using a wrench the operator would unbolt the gripper and unplug air and electrical connections.
This introduces many problems into the system like loose grippers, lines left unplugged, and greater wear.

Bolt Traditional Method